20. May 2015 · Comments Off on International Cultural Proficiency Institute, June 18-19, 2015 · Categories: Cultural Proficiency, Leadership

Please join us at our International Cultural Proficiency Institute, June 18-19, 2015, in Santa Maria, California. Our institute is sponsored by Corwin Press, our publisher for a series of powerful books on Cultural Proficiency.

As author of one of Corwin’s Best Sellers, Culturally Proficient Learning Communities: Confronting Inequities Through Collaborative Curiosity, I will be joining co-author Dr. Jarvis Pahl, to explore how the Five Essential Elements of Cultural Proficiency are the standards for improving our educational practices in ways that inform educators’ values and behaviors and schools’ policies and practices. Participants in this session will engage in exploring how the Essential Elements serve as leverage points for planning and managing change initiatives focused on equity and access. Rubrics will provide participants concrete examples of actions grounded in assumptions that either guide and support or hinder and impair the service to all students and their communities within the district. Participants will use Breakthrough Questions and the Cultural Proficiency Rubrics to eloquently examine ways to confront unhealthy behaviors and comments heard within some organizations.

The Institute will provide: (a) introductory learning opportunities for those beginning their journey in understanding the inside-out approach of Cultural Proficiency; (b) “Going Deeper” in exploring specific contexts and applications of culturally proficient practices; and (c) “Voices from the Field,” exploring the data and implementation journey of organizations that are currently transforming cultures and policies to support culturally proficient practices.

The Institute will be held at Santa Maria High School, Santa Maria, CA. More information may be found at: http://www.corwin.com/institutes/cultural-proficiency-institute.html

We hope to see you there!