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We all strive to make a difference in other’s lives. Students from Pepperdine’s Educational Leadership, Administrator, and Policy (ELAP) doctoral program have made such a huge difference in my life over the past eight years, and especially through sharing their voices in what are some of the ways I’ve made a difference in their lives.

With great humility I share what might be some of the reasons others sought to award me with the Association of California School Administrator (ACSA) 2013 California Administrator of the Year: Professor of Education, serving as Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University.

Student Voices:
Dr. Jungwirth, you are more than an instructor but a soul who makes personal connections. You have a humbling spirit about you that is sincere. The smiles from you let us know you are aware of our presence. Your relentless “go back and correct” reflects your beliefs in the “learn from your mistakes” creed. You are an instructor who makes effort beyond the classroom to maintain relationships and conversations. You are a mentor who I am confident I can rely on for support and motivation. I am honored to have the skills and knowledge under my tool belt of many strategies and skills because there’s a lot of work to be done by courageous people.

I’m so blessed to have you in my life and as a guiding life-long learner.

I appreciate your class very much. The classes offered by you are so relevant to our day-to-day work, and will benefit me during my entire career.

Dr. Jungwirth, you are like an energizer bunny on lithium batteries!! I smile whenever I think of you, as I remember your warm hugs and your ability to make me feel validated when I am unsure. I enjoy your teaching style and the way you share personal experiences…You demonstrate creative expertise in all you do. When I do not know if I can make it, I feel that I have to … because someone believes in me. Thanks for believing in me and for the blessing of knowing you.

It has been such a great blessing and privilege being in your class. Your kind and compassionate spirit, thoughtfulness, and peaceful demeanor have been so encouraging. Your passion and the enthusiasm for education is a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and heart with us 😉

Thank you for your time and opening my mind to different possibilities as a future leader!

You’re insights are changing my perspectives on so many levels, you can hardly imagine. I look forward to continue working with you, and learning from you.

Dr. Jungwirth, Your feedback and email made my day, my week, my month, and for that matter 2012! The gift you give us, your students, is one that will forever be treasured! I now have a backpack full of leadership tools, an increased awareness of my collaboration techniques, and so much more, but in addition, I also have confidence to continue to pursue my dreams. Pepperdine has been truly life changing for me.

Thank you for your passion for your work. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to hone my skills.

You have inspired me with all the knowledge you share with us. Thank you for your positive encouragement.

Your smiles are awesome. Thanks for teaching me and affirming me.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm! It is inspirational!

You are an amazing lady who I truly admire and respect! You have impacted my life!

Thank you for the tools and knowledge to better our leadership skills. It’s been an amazing journey together.

It was truly an honor to be in your class for the summer and fall as both classes were so engaging from the very beginning, and I so appreciate your passion, enthusiasm, and energy that you never failed to bring in and share with us :-). It was such a pleasure and joy learning from you this semester and I look forward to many more semesters of growth together. Thank you very much for your constructive feedback and helpful comments, as well as words of affirmation.

Thank you for all the comments and inspiring thoughts. The fact that I know with your assist I can become a stellar writer. I’m excited and looking forward to my journey of writing and my degree 🙂 I’m looking forward working with you and all the resources that are available to me for my future classes…Thank you sooo much for having the patience and extreme knowledge of everything you do…I am so blessed to have such a great teacher and mentor on my path of success…I am going to keep this as a sample for future papers…I am honored…you made my semester very special!!!!

Interesting breakthrough question… one that I pondered before accepting the new position. I thought I was being faced with having to make a trade-off, but now you are causing me to think that there might be ways to find more balance within the new position, where I can acquire new skills, while still building relationships with kids, families and the staff I will support.

Ahhhh! The butterfly effect…impacting generations to come by touching the lives of individuals…I will remember that in my work, as well. Thank you so much! Wishing you a lovely day, full of the joy and energy you bring to our class!

I want to thank you for the conversations we have in class. Your intentions are always sincere and that is why people feel they can express themselves.

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